Instagram Life lately

Here are some snapshots of the past few months! Make sure to follow me on Instagram! This weekend I am off to NYC for my bridal shower & bachelorette party, I will be snapping shots along the way!


Setting up our new bar cart in our new place!


Wedding food tasting with my lovely friend Sarah (she’s getting married soon too!) at our wedding venue


The weekend I went back to do the wedding tasting- Indiana got a bunch of snow, it was an experience driving in it


Wedding Wednesday: Lift Tone Burn



In January I decided that I needed to be better about working out.  It wasn’t just because the wedding being on the horizon but I also I missed being active and finding something that kept me interested in.  I decided to sign up for Pure Barre Classes in Newton and have fallen in love with the classes. Pure Barre is a full-body workout concentrating on the areas many women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat (butt), abdominals and arms.  Taking these classes, not only have a seen a change in my body but I am feeling leaner. The classes are tough and provide me a great challenge.  It really is 55 minutes that I devote to myself and my health and I love it.  Plus all the instructors are motivating and help you with your form.  I have been going 4-5 times and week and will definitely look to maintain this schedule even after the wedding.  If you’re interested in signing up there’s a New Client Special for $100 you get unlimited classes for a month.  It’s a great way to test the waters and try it out!

AV has a great post about what to expect for your first Pure Barre class.  Everything she shared is so true! Read it here.

I’m Back!

It’s been wayyyyyy toooo long!

I took some time (a lot of time) away from the blog, a major part of work and life related as work was super busy and there have been quite a few things happening in my personal life. Here are the top 4:

  1. I am LOVING having R here in Boston with me.  We made it through the holidays and busyness of the time as well as R getting accustomed to his job and new life in Boston.  I am so grateful for it!
  2. School is back, I am taking 2 classes that while manageable require me to put a long of time in the evenings and weekends.  I am enjoying it and it is requiring me to say no sometimes which I am learning is ok
  3. The wedding will be here before we know it! Now we’re in to the fun parts, my bridal shower/bachelorette is this weekend and I can’t wait to see all of my girls and spend time laughing and enjoying being with them.  I am bursting with excited about this!
  4. R and I BOUGHT A HOME! We closed on our condo on Friday and it felt like Christmas! We love the place and can’t wait to move in April.


I promise to work towards posting more regularly and sharing all the excitement taking place in the coming months!

Holiday recap

Today we head back to Boston after a wonderful trip to see and spend Christmas with R’s family. We’re spending New Years at home hosting good friends. Here’s a little update of what our trip to Indiana involved.

Top- Date night at the hotel in town. They decorate the lobby with a beautiful Christmas tree and every year we stop by to see it.

Bottom- Saturday R smoked a pork shoulder and a rack of ribs. Took him 9 hours of which he sat outside tinkering with the temperate. He loved doing it and the finished product was tasty.

I’ve got one more week off from work so I’m looking to continue relaxing and enjoying the time! Then let the 2014 madness begin!

Christmas stocking goodies, presents to open on Christmas, my favorite puppy!

Favorite Moments of 2013


Our Christmas tree this year (my first real one in years!)

As the year winds down, I always like to reflect on the year and all that has happened.  2013 has been an amazing year and I am really excited about everything that’s on the horizon for 2014.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite moments from the year we are about to say goodbye to:

5. Always making time for travel (here & here).

4. Starting my long journey towards becoming a Ph.D 

3. Getting to celebrate happy moments of friends and family.

2. R is officially living in Boston! It took us several months but he is all moved in and we’re loving it.

1. Getting engaged to my favorite guy!

Wishing everyone a restful holiday! See you in the new year!


Friday’s Fancies: Snuggle Time

So for today’s Friday’s Fancies I am going to take a different approach and talk more about home decor.  My favorite thing to do is to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and cup of warm tea watching bad reality tv, with the heat turned up so it’s toasty in the apartment.  I’m sharing blankets today that I’d love to wrap myself in and take a weekend nap.  FF 1220

Top-  High Street Market  | Fab  MiddlePremier Comfort  Bottom- Nordstrom | Dwell Studio 

Baby it’s Cold Outside

So winter is officially here in Boston.  We’ve had some really cold days which makes standing outside waiting for the bus brutal! I need to update my winter accessories particularly hat and gloves for these wintery days.  I’ve had my eyes on several of these pieces below and need to get new additions soon, as we’re heading to Indiana for the holidays where it’s also pretty cold!  CCT 1212

Hats- JCrew | Gap | Target

Gloves- Kate Spade | JCrew | Kate Spade

Scarves- JCrew | FarFetch | Sole Society 

Most wonderful time of the year

Now that I have finished another semester of school and survived R’s big move to Boston, this girl needs a cocktail! Having a fun holiday cocktail will help me forget about all of the boxes that are everywhere in our apartment, many of which are covering our bar! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for fun holiday cocktails! I hope to make some of these throughout the holidays particularly this weekend when R and I plan to continue the unpacking process while also decorating for Christmas and getting our first Christmas tree!


Winter Cobbler Drink 


Cranberry Margaritas


Cranberry Mimosas 


Rasberry Ginger Bellini